Can we go to your center in the following case: the patient born in 1955. Diagnosis: chronic nonspecific spondylitis T7-T9. A state after interbody fusion T7-T9 with autologous bone. Brown-Sequard's syndrome. Right thoracotomy with interbody fusion using autotransplantation (resected rib) was done in 2010, no bone block formed during the postoperative period. Transpedicular fixation T 5-6-10-11 was also done in November 2010. There was a primary healing on the wound as a result of treatment. He was able to sit and stand as well as stay in upright position up to 2-3 hours. At the moment, mobility is restored, able to walk and sit. But pain is still present. Can we expect further surgical treatment and rehabilitation at your center?

In this case surgical care rendered fully, but it is hard to say more without images. If pain is still present, it is necessary to look for the cause of this, but it may be in the early postoperative period. You can contact us for a consultation to clarify the nature of the disease.

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