Dermoid cyst and pregnancy

An ultrasound revealed a mass in my left ovary during the first pregnancy. I was told that it is a dermoid cyst. Five years have passed since then. I gave birth to a second child. An ultrasound was performed annually. There were differences in size, but not significant. Since I’m going to have the 3rd child, another ultrasound was done today. The doctor said that the cyst had increased. I am concerned about it. Don't know where to start. What tests are needed? Thank you.

Surgical treatment is strictly indicated in your case given the long history of the mass in the ovary and its rapid growth in recent times. In our clinic, we perform such an intervention laparoscopically through 3 small punctures. Patients go home next morning after the surgery and may return to work after 3 days. This surgery must be as delicate to preserve healthy ovarian tissue (considering your reproductive plans) as radical at the same time to remove the mass together with the capsule. At the preoperative stage an expert level ultrasound with Doppler is required, as well as blood tests for Ca-125 and НЕ-4 tumor markers. The decision concerning the necessity of FEGDS and colonoscopy is taken based on the results of these tests.

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