How to lose weight correctly

I am 53 years old, my weigh is 116 kg. In 1988, my metabolism was probably, disturbed following the first childbirth. I gained weight, and since then I have been trying to fight with it periodically. I eat a lot of sweets however glucose is now normal and it always was. With age, my legs and back started to hurt me, it is hard to “move” myself. I have undergone an examination in the district hospital, but nothing special was found. What tests and examinations I should bring to the doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment? Thank you!

Unfortunately, doctors not always can find the cause of excess weight. But this does not mean that there are ways to deal with it. Of course, it is not easy, but you definitely should try! At the first consultation it is desirable to have blood tests results, obtained no more than 6 months ago, total cholesterol, glucose, glycated hemoglobin. Notes in the diary of blood pressure for 1-2 weeks are also important. Most likely, the doctor will arrange some additional examinations at visit, but everything is very individual and it's better to discuss all details with the doctor personally. You surely have to bring the results of previous all examinations with you.

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