How to stop dreaming?

Can you tell me if there are any medications that stop a person dreaming? I have been dreaming constantly for a long time, and the dreams are always vivid and emotionally charged. I wake up tired, not wanting to do anything, and I feel only lethargy and apathy. I live in another city.

We have all the tools for an accurate, comprehensive diagnosis, and medical treatment of such conditions, as well as psychosocial rehabilitation, which is critical for returning to an active lifestyle. The support program includes modern methods of diagnosis, regular professorial meetings, and comprehensive psychological and neurocognitive support. Unfortunately, all the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic interventions can only be done with the patient being present at the Clinic. We are ready to welcome you to the EMC. Inpatient and outpatient psychiatry clinics operate within the multidisciplinary hospital, which creates the most comfortable conditions for patients.

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