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The neurosurgery department at EMC is led by Professor Aleksey Krivoshapkin, PhD,   who performs complicated neurosurgical operations. Partners in the department include: renowned neurosurgeons Jean-Michel Derlon (EMC), Vladimir Shabalov (EMC) and Evaldas Chenulis (Hirslanden, Switzerland).

The department of neurosurgery at EMC performs surgery for most diseases of the nervous system, including benign and malignant tumors of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves; epilepsy; status post stroke and injuries to the brain and spine.

The diagnostics department at EMC performs the necessary laboratory testing, as well as around-the-clock high-precision CT and MRI studies. The clinic has a high-tech center for PET-CT diagnostics, which can identify cancer in its earliest stages. The pathology laboratory at EMC can quickly perform cytology studies on tissue removed during operations, and can call on foreign experts for their opinions. EMC's information system delivers images and data within minutes  anywhere in the world.

EMC's ambulance service vehicles transport patients with acute conditions to our hospitals as quickly as possible. Urgent neurosurgical care is provided to patients with head injuries, spinal injuries, herniated discs, and strokes. Highly-qualified anesthesiologists and critical care specialists have the most modern safety equipment which ensure the patient's safety during even the most complicated operations.

The operating suites at EMC are equipped with 3D neuronavigation, intraoperative videoangiography and precisie neuromonitoring, which minimize the risk of complications during operations on structures of the nervous system and increase treatment efficacy. Experienced spine surgeons, Professor Jean-Michel Derlon (France), and Dr. Dmitry Dzukaev (Russia), perform minimally invasive spine surgeries, which include the use of modern implants and stabilizing structures.

Professor Vladimir Shabalov, an international specialist in the field of functional neurosurgery, also sees patients and operates at EMC's Neurosurgery Clinic. He additionally treats chronic conditions, which are often not amenable to medical treatment, such as back pain post-spinal surgery, pelvic pain, frequent migraine headaches, spastic cerebral palsy, and ischemic lesions of the lower extremities. Specialists with extensive clinical experience in Russia, and training in leading clinics in Germany, Great Britain and the US, work in the department of physiotherapy, massage, manual therapy, rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Clinic neurosurgeons work together with experts in the department of radiation diagnostics, oncology, psychotherapy, cardiology, traumatology, surgery, endocrinology, rehabilitation, ophthalmology, and otrhinolaryngology.


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