Benign disease

I have a benign lump in one breast size of 12.0*9.9 mm. Puncture or a biopsy will be done next week. I was told by mammologist that surgery is needed. As far as I know, concerning the surgery, axillary lymph nodes are to be removed together with the tumor. I also know that in Europe lymph nodes are testes for specific markers and only affected ones should be removed; if lymph nodes are no affected, they are not to be dissected and the surgery is minimally invasive. So what is your approach? Does it make sense to do it or you have the same methods and the same equipment?

If histological examination of the sample reveals fibroadenoma of basic type or tissue hyperplasia without atypia, or nodular type fibrocystic condition of the breast tissue, the question of surgical treatment should not arise. If biopsy reveals giant fibroadenoma sectoral resection is indicated, i.e. mass excision within the healthy tissues and lymph nodes will be removed. In case of non- benign histological result, i.e. carcinoma is detected, subsequent immunohistochemical examination is required as well as a clinical oncologist and surgeon consultation; and the decision on complex treatment will be taken by case management team. With regard to the diagnosis and treatment methods in our center, each case is addressed individually. Sometimes we remove a benign area (for example, the area of hyperplasia with atypia) using the vacuum-needle technique through 3-4 mm incision. As for the surgical procedure protocols for benign breast tumors, benign simple fibroadenoma is not removed in America, Europe, Israel, etc. I would like to discuss your case with you in more details and perform some additional tests if needed, so I would be glad to see you at EMC’s Breast center.

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