ECSTO Rehabilitation Department launches a new service, providing patients with an opportunity to receive rehabilitation treatment at home. 

Many conditions require regular (sometimes daily) rehabilitation. At the same time, patients often have restrictions for the axial load on the limb, they use crutches, immobilizing bandages, etc.  It makes the transportation extremely difficult to organize. Often the way from home to the clinic and back takes several hours, minimizing positive effects of performed medical procedures. We also shouldn't forget about the transportation expences in the largest city in Russia and Europe as well. 

In the meantime, most of the health states do not require sophisticated and expensive equipment. Everything that is needed is a set of gymnastic devices, couch, room, and, most importantly, a qualified rehabilitation specialist, who will perform manual procedures, electrotherapy treatment and exercise therapy, ensuringcorrectbiomechanics of the exercise performance. 

Properly planned training allows to restore lost jointmotion, improvefunction  and minimize the risk of problems and injuries in the future. 

ECSTO Rehabilitation Department includes 28 employees: 15 rehabilitation physicians and 13 physiotherapists with extensive experience in rehabilitation treatment of various conditions in traumatology, orthopaedics, neurology and other related specialties. 

The project is supervised by the Head of ECSTO Rehabilitation Department - Dr. Alexander KORCHAGIN, M.D. and ECSTO Chief Doctor, Medical Director - Prof. Andrey KOROLEV, M.D., Ph.D.

Depending on the patient’s health condition, received trauma or underwent surgery, we select the optimal team to be constantly working with a certain patient . We prepare a schedule of visits, discuss and prescribe particular treatment and carry out a long-term plan, which is largely dependent on the patient common and sports purposes. 

There are several ways to start the process of treatment. 

You may have an appointment with Dr. Korchagin in ECSTO Rehabilitation Department. You can also make a preliminary e-mail request, sending a message with description of your problem to Dr. Korchagin 

There are completely different options, but, of course, a detailed discussion of each case is obligatory before starting home rehabilitation program. 


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