Personal health telemonitoring

We offer personal remote health monitoring service for those who would like to be always in touch with their attending physician.

Remote health monitoring is a method of measuring the patient's medical parameters at home and then transmitting it to the doctor using the Remsmed system. Parameters for monitoring are selected by the doctor. The patient needs to measure them at a set frequency and record the values in the system.

Continuous monitoring allows early detection of complications or deterioration of the condition. This method has already established itself in the United States and Western Europe. Now the service is available in the EMC.

Who needs remote health monitoring?

If you often travel and want your parents to stay at home under constant medical supervision – activate the "personal monitoring" service for them, and be sure: their health is in safe hands.

Personal health monitoring is also needed for:

  1. People suffering from heart failure, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, chronic lung diseases, etc.

  2. Elderly patients who cannot come to the clinic because of the severity of the condition.

  3. Active patients of middle and old age with established diagnoses (arterial hypertension, diabetes, initial manifestations of cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency) travelling a lot.

  4. Athletes and people actively involved in sports. 

  5. Patients who require constant medical supervision at home..

Advantages of personal telemonitoring:
  • constant communication between the doctor and the patient at any time from anywhere in the world;

  • immediate consultation in emergency situations;

  • conducting routine consultations with the attending physician;

  • detection of the disease at an early stage;

  • saving patients time;

  • a single digital data store, reliably protected from unauthorized access;

  • possibility of integration with medical devices and sports gadgets that automatically fix health indicators - such as pulse, blood sugar level, etc .;

  • customizable notification system in SMS format and e-mail messages.

Remsmed - is a service that contains data on the health and doctor’s recommendations on their treatment. To get an access to your Remsmed account, you should obtain a password from the EMC. You can log-in from any device that has internet connection. There are also mobile Remsmed applications for iOs and Android.

Remsmed system capabilities for the patient:
  • keeping a personal medical diary;

  • filling out a questionnaire about your daily well-being;

  • entering data on following the prescriptions with the possibility to promptly inform the doctor about it;

  • carrying out measurements of medical parameters, with further entry into the system manually or automatically by means of a number of devices;

  • replenishment of the archive of personal medical documents: results of tests and investigations;

  • videoconference with your rendering doctor;

  • interaction with the attending physician through the exchange of direct messages and comments;

  • individual treatment plan.

Remsmed system capabilities for the rendering physician: 
  • preparation of an individual patient care plan with an automatically generated list of necessary actions by day;

  • control of the patient's performance of the prescriptions through a consolidated report on all prescriptions for any period of time;

  • setting up an individual notification system for patients in case of unforeseen situations;

  • interaction with observed patients through the exchange of direct messages and comments.

How to get the service "personal health monitoring"?

In order to activate the service "Personal telemonitoring", please refer to your rendering doctor in EMC. He will give you a password for registration and also connect to your Remsmed account.

To clarify the price, please call:

 +7 495 933-66-55

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