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Medical bracelet

Medical bracelet can save lives

A bracelet with a personal QR code stores important information about your health to ensure access to it in case of emergency.

Wearing a bracelet is especially recommended:

  • in severe and chronic diseases
  • while traveling abroad (bracelet translates data into the language of the country where the owner is located)
  • for elderly persons

Medical bracelet is a confidence in safety

Emergency access to vital information that is automatically translated into the language of the country where the patient is located (5 main languages):

  • presence of chronic diseases;
  • medical prescriptions;
  • contraindications;
  • presence of allergy;
  • medicines that a person is currently taking;
  • ocal names of medicines - more than 20 000 medicines, which are compared with international names;
  • contact information of family members.

The QR code is scanned from any device that has Internet access. Information about the fact of scanning automatically goes to relatives and the attending physician in EMC together with the patient location. In cases where it is not possible to scan the code, you can send the ID to the bot, which will give the necessary information.

Unique features of health bracelet

  • Two levels of data access: public and private. General data is displayed at each scanning; password is required to obtain private data.
  • Confidentiality protection (all personal data is protected by a special code).
  • Possibility to "freeze" the bracelet. This feature is particularly relevant if the bracelet is lost.
  • Possibility of data entering by the physician.
  • Manipulating the bracelet from multiple accounts. One login for all family members.
  • The emergency physician can enter his / her phone number when scanning, and the family will be able to contact the doctor for more information.



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