EMC Maternity Classes


We realize how important pregnancy and the birth of a baby are in every woman's life. At the same time many changes take place in this period: physical, emotional, social. We are committed to help our patients to make these months smooth and joyful.

EMC Maternity Classes include:

  • 6 sessions of 2-3 hours each, starting from the 14th week of pregnancy.

  • Preparation for childbirth and the appearance of the baby in your family.

  • Highly skilled obstetricians, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, mammologists, psychologists available to answer any questions from expecting moms.

  • A wide range of topics: nutrition in pregnancy, breastfeeding, physiological changes in pregnancy, operative delivery, pain relief in labor, vaccinations, gestational diabetes, premature labor etc.

  • Most pregnancy care is offered within the maternity school - fetal ultrasound and non-stress tests are offered outside of the Maternity School but can be performed before or after the sessions on the same day.

  • Handout materials for each session. You no longer have to look for answers to your questions in the internet – essential information will be printed for you with space left for your individual notes. 



Geneticist consultation on:

  • Genetic screening during pregnancy

  • Genetic screening methods

  • Invasive/noninvasive methods of baby’s health evaluation.

Dentist consultation on:

  • Prevention of dental diseases, proper oral care

Consultation of a specialist doctor on

  • Face and body skin care during pregnancy and after childbirth;


General practitioner consultation on:

  • Metabolic activity

  • Hormones and ferments

  • How does metabolism change during pregnancy and nursing

  • How much weight needs to be put on and when during pregnancy and how not to put on too much.

  • Why losing weight is not recommended during pregnancy

  • What is glucose tolerance test and pregnancy diabetes

  • Is dieting recommended during nursing

  • Nursing optimality principles during pregnancy and nursing

Practical exercise with obstetrician on:

  • Breathing technique during delivery, ways of relaxation and rest between contractions, self-control of

Breast specialist consultation on:

  • Physiology of lactation: the structure of the breast before, during and after pregnancy, the formation and excretion of milk

Acquaintance of patients with order of rendering services in Maternity hospital


Obstetrician-gynaecologist consultation on:

  • Delivery with the partner

  • What are woman’s psychological needs during delivery and what help the attendant can provide

  • What are negative side effects of undergoing delivery with a spouse

  • The most frequent complications of 2nd trimester: asiderotic anemia, vermicular movement abnormality, virus infections

  • Early delivery – how to distinguish the risks

Practical exercise with rehabilitation therapist:

  • Pilates for pregnant

Pediatrician consultation on:

  • Ingredients of breast milk

  • Mother's nutrition, taking medicines during lactation

  • Technique of feeding. Artificial mixtures


Obstetrician-gynecologist consultation on:

  • Preparation for childbirth.

  • Prenatal changes in the body of the mother and fetus

  • Harbinger of birth

  • Phases of childbirth

  • Monitoring of the fetal condition during childbirth

  • Induction and enhancement of labor

  • Operational delivery

  • Caesarean section as desired

  • Delivery after cesarean section

  • Bleeding after childbirth

  • Home birth: pro and con

Practical exercise with obstetrician on:

  • Breathing technique and strains during delivery, ways of relaxation and rest between contractions

Practical exercise with rehabilitation therapist:

  • Practical relaxation lesson, the controlled respiration, a training of muscles of a pelvic bottom


Obstetrician-gynecologist consultation on:

  • Hygiene after childbirth.

  • Restoration of reproductive function.

  • Contraception during lactation.

  • Physical activity and intimate life after childbirth.

Pediatrician consultation on:

  • Newborn

  • First days in Maternity hospital

  • Newborn’s physical evaluation

  • The importance of early breastfeeding attachment, first milk formula

  • Preventative vaccinations: myths and reality

  • Vaccination in Maternity hospital: why so soon

Psychologist consultation on:

  • Features of psychological development of children of the first year of life

  • Modern Attachment Theory and its practical application

  • Keeping composure for young mother

  • Changes in family life after the birth of a child


Pediatrician consultation on:

  • Preparation of the room for the child: furniture, climate

  • Newborn's first-aid kit

  • First purchases: for sleep, for walking, care and hygien

  • Mother's day and diet: myths and reality

  • Features of psychological climate in the family

  • Emergency conditions of newborns

  • Patronage at home for the first 30 days of life and a program for monitoring the child of the first year of life in the EMC

Specialist consultation on:

  • Hair, face skin and body care after childbirth

Practical exercise with obstetrician on:

  • Strengthening of muscles of a pelvic bottom. Post-delivery rehabilitation (BFB therapy).

Acquaintance of patients with order of rendering services in Children clinic


Psychotherapist, psychiatrist
M.D., Ph.D.


Psychotherapist, psychiatrist. M.D., Ph.D.

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