In-patient check-up program for boys 8-17 years old

ServiceNumber of services
Pediatrician consultation1
Ophthalmologist consultation1
ENT specialist consultation1
Orthopedist consultation1
Neurologist consultation1
Dermatologist consultation1
Evaluation of child's mental and emotional development1
Endocrinologist consultation1
General surgeon consultation1
ECG at rest 12 leads1
Transthoracic echo-CG1
Cell Blood Count+differential1
Standard urine test with microscopy1
Thyroid ultrasound1
Complex ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis1
Eggs of helminths (+protozoa)1
Blood sampling/finger1
Brief сonsultation (pediatrician follow-up consultation)1
Double room per day1

*The price of the program amounts to 2505 c.u. (1 c.u. = 1 euro at the CB exchange rate valid on the date of the invoice payment).