Second opinion in oncology

Indefinite action

Under the «Second opinion in Oncology» program consultation and treatment are held on special terms.

The «Second opinion in Oncology» program is available for patients, who have never been treated in the Institute of Oncology of EMC with current oncological condition. The service it rendered for patients starting from age of 18 years old with any type of cancer at any stage.

Under the «Second opinion in Oncology» program consultation is held on special terms when the following medical documents are provided:

  • medical report with the stated oncological disease (except for EMC’s oncologist conclusion).

  • results of diagnostic examinations, including laboratory tests, X-ray imagining, CT, PET/CT data (records on CD), pathology report, etc., if available.

 The cost of consultation is 5 000 rubles.

And 20% discount for diagnostics and treatment during 6 months.


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