Newborn nursery at home. Exclusive conditions

Newborn nursery at home. Exclusive conditions

from 12.03.2018 to 30.04.2018

The first month of a baby's life is a very exciting and responsible period for parents, no matter whether it is the first child or not.

For this period to elapse maximally mild and favorable, the EMC specialists have developed a programme of newborn nursery at home. Qualified doctors and nurses provide examination of a baby, reveal possible problems of the first month of life and help parents to provide complete care after the baby. Don't forget, that future health of a baby strongly depends on rational care.

When making a contract for delivery till the 30th of April we propose our patients exclusive conditions for issuing the nursery programme. For additional information call +7(495) 933-66-55 (add. 4648).

The contents of the programme:

- Pediatric visits (on the 2-3 day after the discharge from the maternity home). According to the results of the check up the pediatrician replies to all the questions of the parents, evaluates the child's adaptation to new conditions of life, gives recommendations to resolve possible problems in the early period and arranges further nurse check ups.

- 3 nurse visits on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th weeks of life of a newborn. Within every visit the nurse provides examination, photometric bilirubin measurement (physiologic jaundice evaluation), answers the parents' questions. On the 4th week of life hemoglobin level measurement express blood testing is conducted, if there are indications.

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