EMC pediatricians prepare future moms to give birth

EMC pediatricians prepare future moms to give birth


Prenatal advice by pediatricians is intended to prepare women for future childbirth, teach the essentials of babycare and breastfeeding

Pediatric practice includes a so-called prenatal nursing, intended to prepare a future mom for childbirth, identify all the risk factors that may affect the health or the formation of the baby’s body doing everything possible to prevent health issues.

The EMC pediatricians conduct detailed consultations of pregnant women on the preparation for childbirth, breastfeeding, nursing, sleep and wakefulness mode, antenatal anaemia and rickets prevention, vaccination, etc. During the conversation, a woman can ask any question that worries her and discuss all matters of concern to her. 

It is recommended to have two prenatal consultations with a pediatrician during pregnancy. During the first meeting  potential risk factors are clarified, recommendations on the prevention of underlying conditions are given. The first consultation is focused on the issues of preparing for breastfeeding, choosing clothes for the new baby, arranging rooms and cots, choosing baby foods and babycare remedies.



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