Annual program for patients with diabetes

Annual program for patients with diabetes


The health of patients with diabetes mellitus requires special monitoring, not only in terms of regular measurement of blood glucose levels. These patients have to stick to a diet, maintain certain level of physical activity, regularly visit a diabetes specialist and confide him all the warning signs, as any of them may indicate a complication of diabetes. The most common complications are diabetic foot, presenting with non-healing ulcers appearing on  lower extremities and leading to limb infection, and diabetic retinopathy, which is one of the causes of blindness.

As part of the annual program “Diabetes under control”, the patient is assigned to the supervising diabetes specialist, who monitors all changes in medical data, and, if necessary, prescribes consultations with relevant specialists, investigations and analyzes. The doctor helps to adapt the regimen, nutrition and physical activity of the patient so that diabetes has a minimal impact on the quality of life, helps to select modern devices for glucose control. The program is being adjusted individually for each patient.

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