The entrance for patients and visitors of the Maternity hospital from the side of Raskovoy per. (one-way traffic from the Pravda St.):

Turn right next to the house No. 7/9 and go straight up the passage to the entrance gate of the Maternity hospital with a sign "Emergency Department".

For patients of outpatient department.

You should drive around the building of the hospital on the right and pass through the swing gate. Turn right to guest parking before you reach the gate. To exit guest parking, drive along the hospital and turn left through the first swing gate. Turn left next to gate and then immediately right along the house No. 11 (along the sports town) to the swing gate. The swing gate at the exit to the street opens automatically when you approach to it on distance up to 3 meters.

To the Emergency Room.

Parking for patients of the Maternity hospital is located in a courtyard opposite the Emergency room.

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