Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases of Gum and Bone Tissue

EMC dental clinic offers all the range of modern diagnostic aids and means of parodontium treatment (gums, bone tissue).
The aim – is to eliminate inflammation, and restore tissue structure and integrity.
We are capable of conducting any parodontium-related treatment:
  • Eliminate inflammation (drug-induced treatment of periodontal pockets and gums);
  • Teeth extraction to have lost a supporting function;
  • Frenula surgery;
  • Open flap and closed treatment of gum periodontal pockets; 
  • Restoration of chewing function (prosthetic care and splinting of mobile teeth);
  • Restoration and strengthening of gums with own fibroblasts. This is an innovative cell technology that provides an effective treatment for periodontits, gingivitis, gum recession and other pathologic conditions of parodontium tissues.
Advantages of getting treatment in EMC:
  • Skilled dentists with a rich foreign training experience in clinics of the USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, France, Finland and the Netherlands;
  • Advanced technologies in treatment of parodontium diseases;
  • Modern diagnostic and treatment equipment.

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