Hygiene and preventive dentistry

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Professional Hygiene Cleaning of the Mouth Cavity in the EMC Dental Department

Poor level of hygiene level of the mouth cavity contributes to the most of dental problems.
Dentists’ recommendation for children and adults is to have hygiene cleaning done twice a year.
Professional Hygiene Cleaning of the Mouth Cavity consists of:
  • Hygiene Cleaning; 
  • Dental fissures sealing;
  • Training of proper individual oral hygiene.
Professional hygiene cleaning is done via utilizing Air-Flow method in EMC. The Air-Flow is a safe and efficient way to remove pigmented plaque from tooth surface. It imparts a natural color to enamel. Hygiene cleaning includes: removal of dental tartar and soft deposits, teeth polishing, enrichment of teeth with fluorine.
Professional hygiene cleaning is especially recommended for:
  • People abusing consumption of tea and coffee;
  • Smokers;
  • Patients under orthodontic care;
  • Patients to have overcrowding of dental arches;
  • People to undergo bleaching procedure.

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