European Medical Center provides with a wide range of genetic tests:

  • Testing of a couple planning pregnancy,
  • Screening test for mutation carrier state in the genes of the most common hereditary diseases,
  • Genetic testing for oncological diseases predisposition,
  • Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) – prenatal genetic investigation of the fetus for the most frequent chromosomal syndromes (Down syndrome and others) using mother’s blood and other genetic tests.

Furthermore EMC proposes complex genetic screening – an advanced investigation of the human DNA features for early risk detection and prevention of different diseases, daily meal and physical activity correction – almost 400 individual features specified by genes.

Received the results of genetic testing the EMC patients have an opportunity to get a consultation of the leading EMC specialists – fertility specialists, genetics specialists, pediatricians, dietitians and others. 56 medical fields are presented in EMC for complex investigation and treatment of patients with any diseases.

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