Dental Laboratory

Own Dental Laboratory

A French technician Jean-Louis Cavalli runs the EMC dental laboratory.

  • The lab is high-end equipped, making it possible to craft dental designs of any complexity in short term;
  • We fabricate crowns using CAD/CAM technology (computer design/computer-programmed fabrication) with ZirkonZahn milling machine. This ensures accurate and high-grade designs;
  • The process of manufacture is automated. No place for mistakes: system is micron-level precise. This is the way making a crown perfectly fit and granting a superb aesthetic outcome.

EMC dental clinic provides all kinds of dental restorations:

  • Partially and fullly removable prosthetics;
  • Non-removable implants prosthetics;
  • Prosthetics with inlays and onlays;
  • Veneers;
  • Orthodontic appliances.

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