The new program “Postponed motherhood”


Modern women have an opportunity to make decisions without regard to age.

The newest method of prevention and early diagnosis of melanoma and skin cancers


The FotoFinder bodystudio ATBM system is now available in EMC.

Dear patients! Parking near the Clinic on Shchepkina street is closed due to the reconstruction of the SC «Olympic»


You may leave your car at the paid public car parking next to the medical center (No. 3205)

Get tested for memory problems in the EMC


And get a detailed plan for further preventive care or treatment.

EMC clinics’ timetable during the New Year holidays


EMC clinics will provide round-the-clock medical care throughout the New Year holidays.

EMC medical rehabilitation Center has already received the first patients


Experience from the best rehabilitation clinics in the world is now available in Russia.

A special offer for all expectant mothers


In celebration of Mother's Day in November minus 1130  for delivery contract in EMC.

Vaccination against chickenpox is a reliable protection against the virus


Imported Varilrix vaccine (Belgium) is available in EMC. 

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