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To provide patients in Russia with the best possible care and access to the latest world-class medical technologies through continuous development of clinical expertise and knowledge exchange with the global medical community.


EMC is the number one health provider brand, leader of private clinics in Moscow.

EMC guarantees continuous development of centers of excellence by offering a patient- health-centered integrative medicine, combining the highest international quality and safety standards with prime technological equipment.

EMC is a lifelong partner of its clients.

The European Medical Center:

The leading European multispecialty clinic in Moscow with a 29-year history.

Western European, North American, Israeli, Japanese, and Russian physicians with experience working in leading clinics around the world.

Modern diagnostic and workup methods, advanced technology, high-tech equipment.

Medical care provided according to European and North American protocols.

Round the clock care: EMC is open for emergency and scheduled care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Impeccably polite and attentive staff, service of the highest quality

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    EMC Maternity Hospital: impressions of our patient from Malaysia
    Maternity hospital EMC
    Multifunctional hospital in the center of Moscow



Dr. Levin is an exceptional specialist, he's really one in a million!!! When I first came to have a consultation with him, he has provided me with a all the information I was looking for. He has drew my future nose and chin on a laptop, told me to take my time to think about it. (All the doctors in the States and in Canada I had consultations with really rush it and make you do it straight away, often times "stamping" faces, making them look typical, not really caring about you at all- then people become unhappy with the results, paying crazy sums as well). He is so gentle, so personable and caring. Besides, his work is always exceptional!! When he was injecting the fillers I needed, he let me constantly see the changes in the mirror step by step, making sure I'd be happy with the results. The very first time he did the fillers for me, he made sure we use the thinnest one existent- RH2. It was during the second time, he decided to give me some Juviderm Volbella injections. He is so absolutely ethical, he would never do something you don't need to have done, he's incredibly gentle and provides the high class, premium service one is looking for with his gentle care and personable step by step approach! I am coming every now and then to Moscow just to have an appointment with Dr. Levin, because he cannot be compared to all these American and Canadian doctors, he's a pearl in EMC and I would highly recommend this doctor for fillers and surgeries to anyone at all.


I was a patient of Dr Knyazeva in 2013 and she helped me immensely in just a few visits. Her way of interacting with patients is fantastic, as is her English. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a therapist or psychiatrist.


I go to two of your doctors and am pleased with the care and experience of both of them. Dr. Zaviolova, a Dermatology Podologist at the Spirondonievsky Clinic and Dr.Natalia Boschat at the Shepkina

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