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Neurologists at EMC's Neurology and Neurosurgery Clinic have extensive experience diagnosing and treating many neurological disorders including rare and complex conditions.

Our clinic can provide all the necessary laboratory and instrumental methods of examination, including neuroradiology examinations (CT, MRI, etc.) and functional diagnostic tests of the nervous system. EMC provides inpatient treatment for patients with complicated neurological diseases, when requiring invasive examinations, as well as for treatments that require special monitoring. Our clinic also has an Intensive Care Department that specializes in caring for serious neurological conditions, staffed with experienced and qualified doctors and nurses. We are also equipped to provide thrombolysis for acute stroke situations. Patients with severe and progressive autoimmune neurological diseases can be treated at the Neurology and Neurosurgery Clinic with plasmapheresis/plasma exchange and immune-suppression therapy in accordance with modern treatment protocols. 

We only use current treatment methods, which are in accordance with world standards of evidence-based medicine.

We treat diseases such as:

  • Stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases,

  • Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases of the CNS,

  • Epilepsy and other paroxysmal conditions,

  • Dementia and memory problems,

  • Parkinsonism, tremor, dystonia and other motor disorders,

  • Dizziness, and muscle coordination disorders,

  • Headache and facial pains,

  • Diseases of the peripheral nerves and nerve plexuses,

  • Sleep disorders,

  • Other diseases of the nervous system.

A comprehensive, targeted examination for patients with symptoms suggestive of a nervous system disorder is available in our clinic, which ensures the correct choice of treatment. Our clinic uses the following diagnostic methods, including:

  • A clinical, symptom-oriented physical and complete neurological examination,

  • High-quality laboratory diagnostic tests,

  • Electromyography,

  • Nerve conduction velocity test, evoked potentials,

  • Electroencephalography (EEG), EEG prolonged monitoring, continuous day-and-night video-EEG monitoring,

  • Polysomnography,

  • Functional diagnostics of the cerebrovascular system,

  • Ultrasound diagnostics of the cerebrovascular system,

  • Ultrasound diagnostics of the peripheral nervous system,

  • CT,

  • MRI,


We use only modern medications and non-medicinal therapies, which have proven their efficacy in Europe and North America.

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