Cell recovery of gum tissues
Cell recovery of gum tissues
Restoration and strengthening of gum tissues with own cells - fibroblasts - is an innovative cell technology. It offers an exceptional outcome in treatment of periodontitis, gingivitis, gum recession and many more conditions of parodentium.
Fibroblasts – are cells, synthesizing collagen and elastin. Their activity contributes to thickness of gum and its ability to regenerate.
Cell therapy is prescribed:
  • In case of bleeding, swelling and redness of gum;
  • In case of single and multiple teeth root exposure;
  • For gum strengthening during prosthodontic care; for gum thickening in the area of dental implants.
  • Keeping your gum in healthy and young condition;
  • Valuable and lasting therapeutical effect — any symptoms of chronic inflammatory process of parodentium tissues get excluded;
  • A painless treatment. A triple gum injection into gum with a week pause between the appointments is enough. A recommended treatment regimen  - is a year. The treatment includes taking advantage of mucous cells of a patient’s mouth cavity.
Dentists of EMC dental clinic pioneered and put into practice this innovative technology for quick and efficient restoration of gums.

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