cancer check-up

  • check-up service

It is intended for patients – private individuals without known or suspected oncological diagnosis as well as those in whose history there are cases of oncological diseases. This service is available for patients aged from 18 years. 
A free oncologist’s consultation will be arranged for the patient following the personalized cancer check-up at the European Medical Center; the doctor will provide detailed information concerning the results of the testing, discuss the possible risks of cancer development and determine the follow-up plan.

Main conditions for personalized cancer check-up service are: 

  • Following the oncologist’s consultation a patient work-up program will be created.
  • There is a special offer for diagnostic testing within the Personalized cancer check-up program
  • The price for primary oncologist’s consultation within the Personalized cancer check-up program is 244 Euro.
  • Participants are private individuals (patients entered into the agreement directly with the European medical center). Personalized cancer check-up services are not to be provided under the insurance policies or corporate service contracts.
  • Offer validity: since 16.06.2016 for an unlimited term. The service is available at: Shchepkina Street, 35.



·         Many thanks to the staff of Radiotherapy Center for their professionalism, quality of work and that your work with love! Thank you!


Dear Dr. Nidal, I am really happy to be one of your patients! Thank you so much for your kind and friendly attitude!

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