check-up programs

for children aged from 1 year to 14 years

  • check-up programs

Pediatric preventive examinations (check-up) include a full range of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics as well asexpert advice. Such check-ups allow getting a full picture of the child’s health as well as identifyingdiseases and abnormalities at early stages within one or two days.

Parents will be provided with thedetailed reportat the conclusion of cheсk-up. This consists of recommendations for the prevention and treatment of diseasesdetected based on the examination results as well as information concerning additional tests and consultations, if necessary.

Programs provide comprehensive preventive examinations for children aged from 1 to 14 years in out-patient department or hospital at Pediatric clinic.Medical specialists’consultations, treatment and diagnostic procedures, sample collection for tests under these programs are carried out at clinics in accordance with the working hours; the services are provided by the pediatrician’s assignment.

The pediatriciandefines the arrangements for theproceduredepending on the patient’s health state. The duration of check-upis not less than two working days. The order of procedures is selected individually in each case.

    Pediatric preventive check-up programs are divided as follows:

    • according to the child’s age: 1-3 years, 4-7 years, 8-14 years;

    • according to the child’s gender: boy or girl;

    • depending on the presence/absence of cardiac pathology;

    • depending on location: out-patient department or hospital.

    Services not listed or beyond the program are paid separately.

    ServiceChild aged 1-3 yearsChild aged4-7 yearsChild aged8-14 years
    Pediatrician consultation, extended+++
    Ophthalmologist consultation+++
    Otolaryngologists consultation+++
    Neurologist consultation+++
    Dermatologist consultation+++
    Psychotherapist consultation+++
    Endocrinologist consultation+
    Surgeon consultation[1]+ / -+ / -+ / -
    12-lead electrocardiography+++
    Transthoracic Echo-cardiography[2]+ / -+ / -+ / -
    CBCwith WBC differential+++
    Urinalysis with sediment microscopy+++
    Thyroid glandultrasound++
    Urinary system ultrasound (kidneys and bladder)++
    Stool sample+++
    Scraping for enterobiasis+++
    Venipuncture in children+++
    Pediatrician follow-up consultation+++
    24-hourstayintwo-bed ward[3]+ / -+ / -+ / -

    [1] Isnotrequiredforgirls.

    [2] The service can be provided at the parents’request or on doctor's orders (if necessary)

    [3] Is included in the check-up when carrying out at the hospital and leads to the cost increase of the check-up.