Genetic liability

to oncological disease

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The program applies to diagnostic check-up for women.
The specialists’ consultations, manipulations and diagnostics investigations as well as analyses sampling within this program shall be provided in the clinics according to their schedule. The services are performed under supervising breast specialist’s and gynecologist's prescriptions. The breast specialist and gynecologist determine services to be provided from the list below, their number and proceeding in view of the Patient’s condition.

This program includes the services provided only in the EMC under acting license:

  • Breast specialist consultation
  • Standard digital mammography/3 exp.
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Breast specialist follow-up consultation
  • Gynecologist Consultation
  • Transvaginal ultrasound
  • Cytologic cervical smear (Pap Smear)
  • Gynecologist FOLLOW-UP Consultation
  • BRCA1 C61>G
  • BRCA1 C300>T
  • BRCA1 2080delAA
  • BRCA2 6174delT
  • BRCA2 9318 delAAAA
  • BRCA2 S1099X
  • BRCA2 1528del AAAA
  • Venopuncture/adults

The maximal number of services provided within the program is only one.
The services not included in the Program or exceeding the prospected number are to be paid separately.

The price of the program amounts to 1340,8 c.m.u.*
* 1 c.m.u. = 1 EUR at the CB RF exchange rate.




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All staff in Gynecology are wonderful! Especially nurse Olga. Doctor Panfilovata thank you!

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