According tothe World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, preventive health diagnostics should be provided annually. A comprehensive medical check-up is the best way, since it allows early identifying of the disease with the highest possibility.

Check-up programs include:

  • comprehensive laboratory and instrumental diagnostics;

  • functional diagnostics;

  • specialized medical consultation as well as General practitioner (curator) consultation.

You will be provided with adetailed written report with recommendations for health maintenance and possible additional investigations based on the results of the comprehensive examination.

A comfortable room will be arranged for thepatientfor the whole period ofcheck-up. Each room is additionally equipped with a TV with DVD player and Wi-Fi Internet access.

  1.   Аnnual preventive check-up 

  2.   Cardiology check-up

  3.   Annual check-up 

  4.   Men's health screening program 

  5.   Pediatric preventive check-up 

  6.   Gynecologic check-up

  7.   Specialized sport check-up

  8.   Personalised cancer check-up