The team was absolutely fantastic

I had an endoscopy 4 years ago in the UK which left me with very bad memories so I was very hesitant to go through it all again. The team was absolutely fantastic, calmed me down, gave me a lot of time as I started to get very nervous just before it. Dmitry Ulyanov was great. Spoke to me for a while before and after. Can't thank them enough for looking after me so well. Most of all, the greatest part is I didn't feel a thing, when I woke up I didn't even realise they'd already done it :). Compared to my endoscopy experience in the U.K it's left me with a great impression of the actual process. Thank you.  Abel,

Docteur Madame Bissesur was very obliging

Good organisations. Docteur Madame Bissesur was very obliging, kind,and professional/ efficient. Best regards.  Paul,

My thanks to Dr. Ilin, EMC, and to the second floor clinic reception staff

I have shown the report translation you provided to my spinal surgeon in California. He independently arrived at the same conclusion as Dr. Ilin for the same reasons.  My thanks to Dr. Ilin, EMC, and to the second floor clinic reception staff who were most courteous, spoke excellent English,  and made my wife and I feel very much at home and cared for. My personal thanks to you as well. 

I have attached a picture of Yosemite National Park, about an hour from where I live and about three hours from San Francisco. Please convey to Dr. Ilin and to the staff who assisted us that they are most welcome to contact us and visit if they ever come to California.  We would consider it a pleasure to take them to Yosemite. 

Please forward this to Dr. Ilin and advise those on duty at second floor reception on August 12. 

Best regards

Steve Monroe Steve Monroe, California

Recommend him to anyone

I have used Denis as my family doctor for many years, he is an excellent family doctor and has provide sound practical support for my family mainly at the Rosinka clinic for very many years; I would recommend him to anyone.

Andrew James McGrahan, Moscow

Отзыв от пользователя "Annisa Serventi"

Sir, I write to you as you are the Director of EMC. You have an outstanding team! I have been successfully treated for breast cancer. I already personally thanked dr Mandelblatt, dr Vassilieva, dr Daskalova, dr Salim and all the staff at the Oncology dept, the Breast center, the Radiotherapy center and all the nurses of the 6th floor, but I also wanted to express my deepest appreciation to you. I have found excellent professionalism in every single person I met during this year of therapy. Not just the doctors, but all the assistants and the secretaries as well, they are all equally very careful and dedicated, always smiling and attentive. Thank you Sir, for putting such an amazing staff together!

Annisa Serventi, Moscow

Extremely friendly staff

Extremely friendly staff. Doctors are well-trained, always up-to-date concerning new methods and also very friendly. The EMC is really service oriented - long working hours (even on weekends) you don't have to wait long to get an appointment. Even doctors will write and answer e-mails. anonymously,

Brilliant and professional service

Brilliant and professional service. Never had such good service before in any other country as I travel a lot for business. I had visited other hospitals in other continents before. anonymously,

Very nice compared to other Russian medical facilities

My father comes here for his medical services, and he uses only the best, so I trust my father, and I believe this facility is a great place to come for medical services, so I would recommend, clean, and is modern and looks very nice compared to other Russian medical facilities anonymously,

All the doctors and nurses are speaking English

All the doctors and nurses, receptionists are speaking English, therefore it is easy forforeign patients to express their medical complaints. anonymously,

Doctors are committed to their patient

Doctors take time to explain to the patient the nature of their injury. Doctors are committed to their patient. anonymously,