Severe erectile dysfunction: medical and surgical possibilities


In the conference hall EMC has taken place I scientific-practical urologic conference "Severe erectile dysfunction: medical and surgical possibilities."

The event was held under the auspices of the Moscow City Department of Health. His main goal was to unite on one platform urology and andrology dealing with men's health, to discuss new treatments for impotence.

Speakers of the event were the leading Russian experts in the field of urology and andrology: Dmitry Yuryevich Pushkar - Professor, MD, chief urologist Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Urology MSMSU, Alexey Viktorovich Jivov andrologist, oncourologist, assistant professor of urology MSMSU, Pavel Ilich Rasner, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Urology MSMSU, Alexei Y. Plekhanov, urologist, andrologist.

The event was opened by Dmitry Yuryevich Pushkar. The professor pointed out that erectile dysfunction - is a serious problem, which is widespread, including in our country. According to the first survey of the male population in Russia, 90% of men have some problems with the potency (erectile function). Someone is afraid, feel free to contact a doctor, and someone calls, but can not completely solve the problem. specialist task - to diagnose the degree of erectile dysfunction, to find out whether it is associated with comorbidities and appoint a competent treatment. Then the professor gave the floor to a colleague - Pavel Ilyich Rasner.

Scientific report of Dr. Rasner dealt with the causes and risk factors for erectile dysfunction. He elaborated on the most interesting clinical cases from his own practice, talked about the advisability of taking medication for mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Jivov prepared a research report about the treatment of a severe form of erectile dysfunction. Alexey Victorovich noted that the most progressive and effective way to treat severe erectile is installation of penile implant. Through this technology a man at any age can restore potency. The sensitivity and ejaculation is completely preserved. If the partner does not know what a man's penile implant, she never guessed that.

On the management of patients after surgery, the possible complications described urologist, andrologist Alexey Y. Plekhanov. The doctor noted that the main thing is sterile during the operation, if this condition is fully satisfied, then the risk of infection or inflammation is minimized. After surgery, the patient can start a full sex life after only 1.5 months.

After the conference was organized by the online broadcast of the seminar for patients' No erections - what to do? ". Often men who found themselves a problem with erection, begin to self-medicate, drink drugs without doctor appointments, using pumps. This is wrong because only harm instead of good can bring. About what to do if erection problems began, we told in detail A. Jivov and PI Rasner. During the online broadcast of questions were asked and the doctor live answering them. Translation available on site



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