Current treatment options for erectile dysfunction


On September 22, 2015, a long-anticipated event was held in the conference hall of EMC's multidisciplinary hospital on Schepkina street: the seminar "Current treatment options for erectile dysfunction." The event attracted many experts from various fields: urologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, nutritionists, and gynecologists.

Experts from the European Medical Center spoke at the event: Head of EMC's Urology Clinic Aleksey Zhivov, consulting urologist at EMC Pavel Rasner, and psychiatrist and psychotherapist at EMC Natalia Gegel.

The main goal of the event was to bring the understanding to patients and professionals that there can be many causes of erectile dysfunction, and that solving this problem requires the joint efforts of experts from different specialties. The speakers provided compelling statistics as confirmation of their words.

Dr. Rasner's scientific report dealt with the causes of, and risk factors for, erectile dysfunction. He elaborated on some of the more interesting clinical cases from his own practice.

Natalia Hegel talked about the psychological aspects brought on by the disease, clarifying situations when erectile dysfunction is the result of psychological problems, and situations when a urologist should immediately be contacted.

Dr. Aleksey Zhivov elaborated on the most progressive and effective method for the treatment of erectile dysfunction: the AMS penile implant (American Medical Systems, USA), which is used successfully at the European Medical Center. Dr. Zhivov has accumulated extensive experience in this area. Placement of a penile implant completely resolves the problem of impotence for many years without requiring the implant to be placed or repaired, and without the risk of infection or rejection. Doctors at the Urology Clinic are trained in the penile implant procedure and are certified specialists in this field. Dr. Zhivov regularly performs this operation and has achieved great success with patients undergoing this procedure.

Thus, EMC's Urology Clinic successfully treats mild problems with impotency as well as serious disorders of erectile function. Drug therapy is not always shown to solve erectile dysfunction, despite the fact that the medication has a positive side. 

Dr. Zhivov interactively responded to questions received from patients during the seminar. All of the experts had active dialogues with the audience, allowing a mutual understanding to be reached, and partnerships to be established with colleagues from other medical institutions in Moscow and the Moscow suburbs.



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