About speciality

Thanks to modern diagnostic equipment, highly professional doctors and a precisely organized english speaking clinic staff, patient examinations are carried out in the shortest possible time, after which individualized treatment is selected.

The Traumatology Clinic's trauma center operates around the clock. All types of diagnostic studies, including CT, MRI, and special x-ray and ultrasound studies are available to patients 24 hours a day.

Emergency trauma care is provided around the clock.

Timely diagnosis and professional care help to reduce the duration of treatment for all types of injuries. To help patients restore mobility after fractures and sprains, we offer individualized rehabilitation programs, which may include massage, physiotherapy, sessions using special equipment and therapeutic gymnastics.


  • Open and closed fractures (including hip, ribs, ankle, lower leg and fingers) 

  • Round-the-Clock Emergency Hand Surgery and Microsurgery

  • Sprains and torn ligaments (including knee ligaments, cruciate ligaments and ankle ligaments).

  • Dislocations (including the shoulder, hip and ankle)

  • Blunt trauma injuries (including to the feet, hands, fingers, knees, tailbone and soft tissues)

  • Damage to the muscles and tendons

  • Combined injuries

  • An experienced team of trauma doctors is ready to help at any time of the day or night.



Майсигов Муса Назирович – хирург-ортопед-травматолог ECSTO. Акция второе мнение.
Orthopaedist, Surgeon. Head of orthopedics department, M.D., Ph.D., ECSTO senior doctor
Ильин Дмитрий Олегович – хирург-ортопед-травматолог ECSTO. Акция «Второе мнение» для пациентов с грыжей.
ILYIN Dmitry
Orthopaedist, Surgeon. M.D., Ph.D.
Герасимов Денис Олегович - хирург-ортопед-травматолог клиники спортивной травматологии и ортопедии ESCTO. Лечение растяжений и разрывов связок.
Orthopedic surgeon-traumatologist. Ph.D.
Бут-Гусаим Ирина – ортопед-травматолог европейской клиники спортивной травматологии и ортопедии ECSTO
Orthopaedic-traumatologist. M.D., Ph.D.