About speciality

The rehabilitation Department of the European clinic of Sports Traumatology and Orthopedics, headed by a rehabilitologist Alexander Korchagin, provides high-quality recovery after surgery and after any injuries to the musculoskeletal system in the shortest possible time.

Any recovery process is based on a single algorithm, which involves a coordinated joint work of physicians and physical therapists to achieve the main goal. A comprehensive information explaining the problem, detailing the stages of treatment and rehabilitation after surgery or conservative therapy is provided to the patient to improve the efficiency of the rehabilitation program. This is very important since understanding is a motivation to foster the efforts and achievement the desired result.

The standard rehabilitation period starts from the time of the surgery and ends after a complete recovery of injured joint or limb function. The combination of long-term experience and a direct interaction between ECSTO ‘s orthopaedists-traumatologists and rehabilitologists allows to initiate specific rehabilitation treatment in the very early stages.

A power, isokinetic, proprioceptive, cardio equipment and apparatus for passive joint mobilization from Artromot company are use at the ECSTO Rehabilitation Department for soonest possible recovery after surgeries. The Department is equipped with modern complex isokinetic and proprioceptive trainer from Biodex company as well as different types of exercise bikes, elliptical trainer; an area for training on the "Pilates" system is also available.

All types of electrostimulation, ultrasound therapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, and various combinations of these methods are used to reduce swelling, relief of pain and accelerate functional recovery.

In many Russian clinics, there are several independent departments responsible for rehabilitation after surgery: exercise therapy department, physical therapy and manual therapy departments. This practice often precludes close interaction between specialists, so the patient does not receive the necessary complex of rehabilitation measures.

The specialists of the ECSTO Rehabilitation Department use European approach in their daily practice and combine different strategies: manual therapy, physical therapy and exercise therapy, which ensures the most optimal result in a short time.

We pay special attention to the goals that patients set for themselves, not limiting only to pain relief, edema and inflammatory reaction reduction and adequate consolidation. Return to professional sports, practicing extreme sports at any age after the surgery – everything is possible when overall efforts are combined to achieve goals. In our Department, each specialist has the necessary qualification that allows to combine techniques, make the most optimal decisions and design rehabilitation programs specific for each case.

In most cases rehabilitation after surgery takes about 3 months, but sometimes more than a year is required for full recovery. During this time, professionals should teach the patient exercises that aimed to restore the natural limb function and return to full normal life.

Thus, the joint work of ECSTO experts, extensive experience in regenerative medicine, personalized approach and precisely chosen up-to-date equipment help us to return patients the joy of motion in a safe and efficient way and in the shortest time possible.