at EMC Children's Clinic

About speciality

Specialists at the Neurology and Neurosurgery Clinic at EMC provide world-standard neurosurgical care to children of any age. All stuff of EMC Children's clinic speaks English.

Our little patients receive treatment in comfortable surroundings at our multidisciplinary hospital, outfitted with all the necessary therapeutic and diagnostic equipment, which allows us to conduct extensive diagnostics as quickly as possible. The neurosurgeons of the clinic have many years of experience performing operations in pediatric practice, successfully removing tumors of all types, performing CSF shunting procedures and neuroendoscopic operations for hydrocephalus, performing corrections for developmental defects of the nervous system, and much more.

The team of pediatric anesthesiologists and critical care physicians at EMC provide safe anesthesia during operations on the brain and spinal cord, greatly reducing their risk. The physicians have at their disposal the most advanced materials and implants, including programmable CSF shunt systems.

The clinic conducts postoperative pathological examinations of tumors, including immunohistochemical analysis. Diagnosis verification is conducted with leading experts from France and Germany. If necessary, children can undergo postoperative chemoradiotherapy in the Radiotherapy Center at EMC.


Кривошапкин Эдуард Леонидович – нейрохирург клиники неврологии и нейрохирургии ЕМС. Бесплатная консультация нейрохирурга по акции «Второе мнение».
Neurosurgeon. M.D., Ph.D., Professor
DERLON Jean-Michel
Neurosurgeon. M.D., Ph.D., Professor