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Ear, nose and throat disorders are perhaps the most commonly found ones in children, and their correct treatment largely affects child’s future health. Chronically labored nasal breathing can lead to oxygen starvation of the brain, causing memory deterioration, loss of concentration, rapid fatigability, etc. Prolonged “common colds” such as rhinitis and acute viral respiratory infections can lead to complications such as otitis, sinusitis or tonsillitis, which require mandatory qualified treatment.

Doctors at the Department of Otolaryngology of the EMC Children’s Clinic are ready to help children with labored nasal breathing, chronic cough, delayed speech development, and hypertrophy and inflammation of the lymphoid organs (palatine tonsils and adenoids).Early childhood hearing screening is carried out at the Children's Clinic, which is mandatory in the West, but is practically never done in Russia. A set of objective, reliable and absolutely safe methods for hearing screening in the first phase (registration of otoacoustic emissions and tympanometry) and the second (diagnostic) phase (registration of auditory evoked potentials, full impedancemetry and play audiometry) can detect signs of hearing loss at a young age. The Department has a specialized pediatric audiologist, who deals with the diagnosis and correction of auditory disorders in children from a very early age.The doctors' offices are equipped with the most modern diagnostic equipment, which are used during the appointment for the following:
  • endoscopic investigations (can be carried out under general anasthetic);
  • audiological investigations, including multilingual audiometry.

As part of the Clinic’s multidisciplinary approach, in complex cases, otolaryngologists work closely together with pediatricians, neurologists, audiologists and speech pathologists when making a diagnosis, which allows the optimal individual treatment plan to be developed. A clear and propmt cooperation between the different specialists at all stages of diagnosis and treatment allows the little patients to be treated as quickly as possible.Surgical intervention at the Otolaryngology Department of the EMC Children’s Clinic is carried out at a high technological level, using the latest technology, and always under general anesthesia. The majority of operations are done laparoscopically with minimal trauma to the little patients, which significantly shortens the rehabilitation period and time spent in the Clinic.


ENT-specialist. M.D., Ph.D.
Цыганкова Евгения Ростиславовна - отоневролог-сурдолог клиники оториноларингологии, хирургии головы и шеи ЕМС. Лечение при травмах ЛОР-органов.
Otorhinolaryngologist. M.D., Ph.D.
Ковалев Александр Евгеньевич - оториноларинголог-хирург клиники оториноларингологии, хирургии головы и шеи ЕМС. Лечение при снижении слуха.
KOVALEV Aleksander
Otolaryngologist surgeon. Doctor of the first category, M.D.