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Early diagnosis - the chance to beat cancer
Yevgeni (Eugene) Libson M.D., FRCR, Professor of Radiology, Deputy Director General, Specialist in Diagnostic Radiology, Specialist in CT-guided core needle biopsy
Sentinel lymph node biopsy in melanoma
Maksim Smolyarchuk Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine Diagnostics, radiologist
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Medical care at European Medical Center

The European Medical Center (EMC) was founded in 1989. Today, EMC is one of the largest private medical clinics in Russia.

The EMC consists of several divisions: a new multifunctional hospital on Schepkina street, multifunctional medical centers in Spiridonievsky Pereulok and Orlovsky Pereulok, EMC Children's Clinic on Trifonovskaya street, the European Dental Center (EDC), a clinical diagnostic and histology laboratory, and EMC Assistance (expert support in the treatment abroad). EMC in-patient department numbers more than 150 beds.

The EMC multi-functional centers operate 24 hours a day: emergency, urgent and acute care, in-patient departments, diagnostic departments, including computer and magnetic resonance imaging. In the EMC clinic in Spiridonievsky Pereulok, there is the Women’s Health and Wellness Center, which includes a reproductive technologies department.

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Gennady  Elkun


Post: M.D., Ph.D., ENT specialist, surgeon
Department: Otorinolaryngology

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Hello, I would like a consultation with you! I can't make it to the center at the moment for financial…?

31.07.2015: Guest

Question: Hello, I would like a consultation with you! I can't make it to the center at the moment for financial reasons. Can you help me? The problem began in September 2013 with right side pain. Pain was not so much pain as a pulling, pressure, crushing feeling. I called the ambulance, thinking I had appendicitis. I was kept in the hospital and told it wasn't appendicitis and recommended to follow up in my area of residence. A week after the 1st hospitalization, I was taken to another hospital and kept 10 days. An abdominal ultrasound was done and nothing was found. A colonoscopy was done and nothing was found. Antibiotics were given and I was sent home. The pain subsided a little but did not go away. I continued like this from October through March 2014. In March I ordered myself a CT scan without contrast. It appeared my appendix was enlarged. This was performed on Ivankovsky Shosse at the FSI Center. I have gotten myself so worked up that I have called the ambulance with episodes of pain and have been taken to City Clinical Hospital No. 7. There, I had a diagnostic laparoscopy performed. The appendix was not inflamed but was blue. There was no specific pathology for an operation, etc. They told me I was healthy and not to imagine problems for myself. My stomach itself does not hurt. What hurts are the "seals" in my stomach. I can feel them and they pulsate, ache, and bother me. I have tortured everyone, and am exhausted. The doctor in diagnostics at FSI on Ivankovsky Shosse recommended an MRI. I did this and they looked at the anterior abdominal wall and small pelvis. The conclusion was strongly-developed adipose tissue. No lipomas, adipomatas, or tumors. There was a cyst on the right kidney. I was seen by a surgeon at CCH 61. At the CCH 7, I was advised to do an MRI of the spine, as it was thought the pain was originating there, following the nerve endings to the right side and causing the pain; the fat in my body hurts, as I understand. I was treated by a gastroenterologist who restored my microflora, got rid of worms, cleaned my bile. I have no problems with my stool. Ugh, Ugh, Ugh. What should I do?

Answer: At EMC's multidisciplinary clinic, you can undergo comprehensive, expert diagnostics and recieve a detailed consultation and medical care.  Eduard Kim - Professor, MD, Director of the EMC Surgery Clinic.